2013 Sizzlin Summer


* Stella Chenevert of Omak won the 1998 Toyota 4Runner
* Ryan Mulligan won a trip for 2 to Waikiki Hawaii

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* Contest entry locations in bold below.
[!] - all prizes must be picked up by September 6th

Sunrise Chevrolet  
Dave's Gun and Pawn Omak Stampede
Omak Hometown Pizza Beyer's Market
Detro's Western Store Smallwood Farms
Frontier Foods Motion Auto Supply
Midway Building Supply Auto Fresh
Caso's Country Foods Coin and Jewelry Exchange
Brewster Drug Slidewaters Water Park
Omak Pharmacy Discount Glass and Construction
Havillah Road Printing Ag Technologies
The Farm Shed Republic Brewing Company

Sizzling Summer Prize List:

  • Trip for 2 to Hawaii
  • 1998 Toyota 4Runner
  • Parker's Place Benefit Dinner Tickets
  • Slidewaters Tickets
  • Pepsi Apparel
  • 7up Backpack
  • Farm Shed Gift Certificates
  • 7up Tent
  • Sizzling Summer Sizzling Summer Key Certificates
  • Omak Hometown Pizza Gift Certificates
  • Chase CDs
  • Good4U CDs
  • Smallwood Farms Apparel
  • Brad Paisley Tickets
  • Dwight Yoakam
  • Stampede Tickets
  • Ag Technologies Gift Certificates
  • Sizzling Summer T-Shirts


Sizzling Summer Prize Winners List

Sizzling Summer Key Certificates - 30 total to be given away!


* Stella Chenevert of Omak won the 1998 Toyota 4Runner
* Ryan Mulligan won a trip for 2 to Waikiki Hawaii

  • Ken Knapp III
  • Veronica Woodward
  • William Sellars
  • Mike Iannetta
  • Stacey Biram
  • Mike Serles
  • Joy Bowen
  • Teresa Johnson
  • Jason W Eylar
  • Stella Chenevert
  • Bonnie Reyes
  • Sarah Birch
  • Betty Fry
  • Erika Cazarez
  • Alejandro Sandoval
  • Dean Agee
  • Tony Koepke
  • Donny Marsden
  • Dick Howe
  • Brian Keating
  • Jon Van Brunt
  • Myrna Johnson
  • Lisa Fahey
  • Jean Serles
  • Tom Valentine
  • Terri Dahl
  • Marilyn Anderson
  • Andy Hill
  • Kelly Olson
  • Walt Stalder



Alex Bartlett Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Amber Bell Dwight Yoakam Tickets
Amy Cheeseman Hometown Certificate
Andrea Lombardi Hometown Certificate
Andy Hill Stampede Tickets
Arras S Buzzard Farm Shed Certificate
Ashley Dinnall Hometown Certificate
Audry Clark Hometown Certificate
Barb Stalder 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Bob Howe Hometown Certificate
Carol Leslie 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Carolyn Henry 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Cassandra Buckner 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Connie Humphrey Hometown Certificate
Connie Miller Goodstock Music Festival
Cruz Chavez Hometown Certificate
Dan Blake 7up Tent
Dan Carpenter Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Daniel Dominguez Parkers Place Tickets
Daniel Wadkins Farm Shed Certificate
Darla Bedard Goodstock Music Festival
Dave Ness Ag Technologies Certificate
Dave Sheeley Good4U CD
Denise Johnson Good4U CD
Dodi Velasco Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Donna Carriker Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Doreen Lezard Goodstock Music Festival
Edwin LaMotte Hometown Certificate
Ethan Freel 7up Backpack
Evelyn Zwieg Hometown Certificate
Fay Lyn Nanpuya Brad Paisley Tickets
George Menard Hometown Certificate
Heather Downey Fleetwood Mac Tickets
Heidi Liebl Hometown Certificate
Heidi Walsh Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Jacob Bradbury 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Janet Reese 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Janie Koplin Hometown Certificate
Jenny Femling Hometown Certificate
Jerry Hall Stampede Tickets
Jessica Edwards Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Jessie Phillips Parkers Place Tickets
Jewelien McClure Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Jose Lopez Goodstock Music Festival
Judy McCalester Loretta Lynn Tickets
Karen Katimbang Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Karen Monnin Hometown Certificate
Kathy Core Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Kieann Teall 2 Slidewaters Tickets
LaBerta Spears Good4U CD
Lenny L Belgarde Good4U CD
Maiah Todd Fleetwood Mac Tickets
Manuel Arroyo 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Mary Ann Roberts Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Mary Fletcher 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Matt West Hometown Certificate
Melisa Stafford Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Mendy Combs-Boge Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Mike Iannetta Fertilizer Certificate
Mike Kloth Sizzling Summer T-Shirt
Mike Ray Chase CD
Mildred Shadle Hometown Certificate
Mitch Julian 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Nathan Rayburn Hometown Certificate
Patrick Alltus Parkers Place Tickets
Patti Hennigs Hometown Certificate
Paul Harris Goodstock Music Festival
Peggy Oliver 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Ralph Herbert 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Randy Bogart Good4U CD
Richard Russell Hometown Certificate
Robyn Morgan Ag Technologies Certificate
Robyn Morgan Smallwood Farms Cap
Shannon Cahill Parkers Place Tickets
Shannon Suddeth 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Shellee Foth Hometown Certificate
Smith Condon Dwight Yoakam Tickets
Stacie Nicholson Hometown Certificate
Stan Janowicz Hometown Certificate
Steph Staggs Farm Shed Certificate
Stephen Clark 2 Slidewaters Tickets
Steve Chamberlin Hometown Certificate
Steve Fletcher Hometown Certificate
Steve Monahan Hometown Certificate
Tabetha McMeans Stampede Tickets
Theodore Zachman Hometown Certificate
Tiarha Agee 7up Windbreaker
Tiarha Agee Loretta Lynn Tickets
Tim Edwards Hometown Certificate
Tom Cox Goodstock Music Festival
Truman Covington Jr Chase CD
Veronica Woodward Key Certificate
Vicki Bringman Dwight Yoakam Tickets
Vickie Morrison Pepsi T-Shirt
Wendy Smith Hometown Certificate
Zyavonnie Iannetta Hometown Certificate