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Both Deputies Cleared in Shooting of Bowers

Jul 04, 2019

Both deputies in the officer involved shooting of an armed man at the Aeneas Valley Store last month have been cleared and have returned to full work status.

Okanogan County Sheriff Tony Hawley said Wednesday, that he had received notification from Okanogan County Prosecutor Arian Noma stating actions taken by Sergeant Everett and Deputy Holloway were justified.  The North Central Washington Special Investigations Unit conducted a complete investigation into the shooting and delivered their findings to the prosecutor for his review. Hawley said, “With their actions being determined justified through the investigation they have returned to full work status.” He said, “I appreciate the hard work and diligence during the investigation by NCWSIU.” 

The Sheriff said, “The outcome of the investigation is exactly what I expected it to be.  These dedicated deputies were in a situation to make a tough decision and they were able to do so in accordance with their training and experience.” He said, “I am pleased the investigation shows their decisions made and actions taken were the proper ones for situation.”

On the evening of June 3rd, Aeneas Valley Fire district 16 was toned to a report of a vehicle fire where firefighters discovered a body in the trunk of the vehicle and contacted the Sheriff’s Office.  Everett and Holloway’s investigation let them to the suspect, 37-year-old Lance R. Bowers in the vicinity of the Aeneas Valley Store where he was confronted.  Bowers, who was armed with a firearm, did not comply with orders and displayed his firearm.  Both Sergeant Everett and Deputy Holloway fired their weapons and Bowers was shot. 

The Okanogan County Sheriff’s Detectives are continuing the investigation into the homicide case that prompted the contact with Bowers, by Sgt. Everett and Deputy Holloway.  Bowers remains in custody at the Okanogan County Jail.   

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