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Commissioners Hear Differing Opinions at First Comp Plan Hearing

Feb 15, 2011

Nearly 70 people showed up on Valentine's Day at the Columbia Cove Community Center in Brewster, for the first in a series of four hearings the Okanogan County Commissioners are holding to take public testimony on the latest draft of the Okanogan County Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Testimony by citizens at Monday nights hearing, ranged from those who wished to see the Methow Review District extended into the lower Methow Valley to those who wished for the ability to ease the restrictions of the current zoning in the upper Methow Valley.

Jon Wyss in testimony on behalf of Gebbers Farms stated that the current direction to "leave the Methow alone" negatively impacted their due process rights to make suggestions for improvements to the current zoning in the Methow Review District.

Conversely, over a dozen residents of the Methow Valley testified that not only should the Methow Review District be left intact, but that it should be extended south to at least Black Canyon. Bill Tackman, a resident of McFarland Creek presented a letter signed by eight of the ten land owners in that area stating they were opposed to the higher densities that are currently proposed.

Tune into Openline later this week to hear for yourself the testimony on the Comprehensive Plan, as host John P. Andrist replays the highlights of the first hearing.

The second hearing in the series will take place next Tuesday, February 22nd, beginning at 5pm at the Liberty Bell High School Commons.

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