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Aug 28, 2020

Two years after becoming the shared Chief Executive Officer of Three Rivers Hospital and North Valley Hospital, Scott Graham has resigned from his position at North Valley.

Graham announced his resignation Aug. 27 at the North Valley Hospital Board of Commissioners’ regular monthly meeting.

“I’ve had a great experience being part of the North Valley team,” Graham said. “I have such high regard for the board, administrative team, and front-line employees. I’m proud of the work we’ve done over the last two years. This hospital is led by very competent folks who will take the helm and continue carrying out the strategic plan.”

“It has been one of my greatest pleasures as President of North Valley Board of Commissioners to work with Scott,” said Jean Pfeifer. “He brought an energy of professionalism unseen at this hospital in a long time.  I describe him as a class act, and I certainly enjoyed working with him."

Moving forward, continuing as Three Rivers Hospital’s full-time CEO, Graham plans to focus solely on helping Three Rivers navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and preserve its viability. Three Rivers has served as a prominent and vocal advocate for rural hospitals throughout the pandemic, letting its story of financial struggle be part of the effort to secure crucial state and federal funding. Revenues went into a sharp decline for most hospitals when they were asked by the state to halt certain services, such as non- emergent surgeries.

“We don’t know how long the pandemic will be with us, and right now I feel that my time and energy need to be on this, 100 percent,” Graham said.

Graham was hired by North Valley Hospital in August 2018 as part of a larger plan to integrate the two health care organizations. A steering committee comprised of officials from both hospitals had been steadily working toward that endeavor, but the pandemic disrupted those plans as each facility was forced to focus on its own separate concerns.

Despite being waylaid by COVID-19, Graham considers the venture an overall success.

“It got us to work closer together,” he said.  In the last few years both organizations have benefited from sharing employees, providers, and experience.

The two hospitals will continue collaborating, sharing services, providers, and staff where possible and practical.

The board of North Valley Hospital expresses sincere gratitude for his work at NVH, and they hope to continue collaborative efforts.

“I am especially grateful for Scott's work in further our strategic vision, board education, and his advocacy at a local and national level for rural hospitals,” Pfeifer said.

John McReynolds has been appointed the new CEO at North Valley Hospital. He has served as Chief Operating Officer since 2017.

“John is an extraordinary leader at North Valley Hospital and knows our community well. He’s the perfect choice to lead our hospital into the future,” Pfeifer said.

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