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Major Flooding Occuring On Okanogan River

May 09, 2018

The Flood Warning continues for The Okanogan River near Tonasket until further notice.

* At 2:15 PM Wednesday the stage was 18.15 feet. * Flood stage is 15.00 feet.

* Major flooding is occurring.

* Forecast...The river is expected to continue to rise to near 20.0 feet by Saturday morning, which would be a higher stage than has been seen since 1972 when it reached it`s record crest of 22.54 feet. The river will remain above its major flood stage of 18 feet to between 19 and 20 feet through next week.

* At 19.0 feet...Water may be into homes along the river in and near Tonasket.

* At 18.0 feet...Water will be approaching homes along the river in and near Tonasket. Major flooding of surrounding cropland is likely. Some homes and buildings adjacent to the river will experience some basement and first floor flooding.

* At 17.0 feet...Low lying fields and pasture land in the flood plain along the Okanogan river valley, from Oroville to Okanogan, will be flooded. Some homes near the river in Okanogan may experience some basement flooding from seepage. Water will be between the railroad and Highway 97 near Cordell, south of Oroville. Water will be against the shoulder of Omak River Road across from Wanacut Creek.

* At 16.0 feet...Pasture land between Rodeo Track Road and Benton Street, on the east side of the river near Omak, will begin to flood.

* At 15.0 feet...Minor flooding of low-lying areas is likely between Oroville and Tonasket.

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