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Omak Police Warn of Phone Scam

Feb 23, 2011

Omak Police Chief Larry Schreckengast is asking for your help involving a definite telephone scam. Schreckengast said he was contacted by a local businessman with a complaint of what he described as a rude and pushy phone solicitor advertising Omak High School t-shirts for sale.

Schreckengast said he was contacted by the school with the same complaint. He said the school is definitely not generating phone calls for support of school programs.

Schreckengast said after the initial complaint his office received two additional complaints. One complaint was asking for $500 in support money and the other buying t-shirts with an Omak School logo. He said residents should not invest in any scams involving the school nor be confused about supporting the 100 year anniversary of the City of Omak.

If you have concerns about legitimate phone solicitation, please call the Omak Police. 826-0383

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