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Sheriff Orders River Closed Due to Flooding

May 15, 2018

On Tuesday, Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers ordered the closure of the Okanogan River to all recreational uses due to the extreme date the river poses because of the ongoing flooding.

Flows on the Okanogan River have reached levels not seen in decades and pose extreme risk due to high flows, cold temperatures and debris such as logs and brush being carried downstream. 

By order of the Sheriff, the Okanogan River is now closed throughout the entire county to recreational activities.  NO boating, swimming or any other activity is allowed on the river until further notice.

Rogers said, please maintain a safe distance from the river.  If you are placing sandbags or doing other measures to protect property, please wear a personal floatation device, as even being behind the levy or dike can be dangerous should they fail and water threaten your safety.  You could be swept away.

By this closure, Rogers said, his office wants to keep our citizens safe and minimize hazards to First Responders who will not be put at risk unnecessarily with this closure.

Rogers said, “Make the right choice, Stay Safe, Heed this closure order and stay away from the Okanogan River.”

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