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DUI Patrols During Oktoberfest

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Oct 01, 2019

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) extends greetings to all Oktoberfest guests with a caution to enjoy themselves responsibly.  During the three-weekend event, our goal, as always, remains the same:  prevent serious injuries or fatal collisions.  Extra WSP patrols will be on-duty during the festivities.  Proactive troopers and assistance from citizens reporting erratic driving are keys to success.  Impaired driving is a leading factor in Washington traffic deaths.


One of the best ways to enjoy yourself without the risk of a DUI is a designated driver.  Check out the   Leavenworth Oktoberfest website to find complimentary or low cost shuttles.  There are also bus schedules and taxi services to get you home safe.  These are a small price to pay considering the alternative.


The WSP Mobile Impaired Driving Unit (MIDU) will be in town during the event.  The MIDU is a self-contained 37-foot motorhome that travels across the state to support all Law Enforcement during Driving Under the Influence Emphases including Oktoberfest.  The MIDU is equipped with breath test instruments and holding cells to efficiently process impaired drivers, which helps Troopers quickly return to patrol.  The MIDU is also staffed by Drug Recognition Experts.


If you are driving impaired, you will be arrested for DUI.  If arrested for DUI, you could face up to one year in jail and up to a $5,000 fine.  Your vehicle will be immediately towed and impounded.  If you are the registered owner, it will be 12 hours before you can claim your vehicle from a tow company.  Please, if you see a driver you believe to be impaired, call 911 with the vehicle’s description, direction of travel and license plate number if possible.  A quick phone call to 911 may save a life.


Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over!

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