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Elmer City Fire Update

Jun 26, 2019

Activities: The Elmer City Fire is located approximately five miles north of Elmer City.

*** Crews have accurately measured the fire footprint and sized the fire at 1979 acres ***

Yesterday (6/25), ground crews identified and tackled hot spots throughout the edge of the fire.  Crews gridded (to search for a small fire by systematically traveling over an area on parallel courses or gridlines) the fire line to 100 feet from the edge of the fire and 200 feet surrounding structures.  An engine patrolled the fire throughout the night.

Today, crews continue to establish the 100 foot containment around the fire (and 200 around structures), using hand crews and wildland fire engines.  Initial attack fire lines are currently being assessed for future rehabilitation. 

Crews are available for initial attack in the area if required.

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