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May be another record year for WA prepaid tuition

By Associated Press
Mar 25, 2011

Washington parents and grandparents have one week left to join the state's prepaid tuition program before prices go up again.

And uncertainty in Olympia seems to be driving demand for the Guaranteed Education Tuition program.

Program director Betty Lochner says they're selling between $1 million and $2 million worth of prepaid tuition a day right now. She expects the number of new accounts could pass 15,000 before enrollment closes on March 31.

Lochner says this is the third year in a row that interest has been so high, mostly in response to big tuition increases There's added uncertainty this year because of some legislative proposals that could affect the program.

Lochner notes, however, that the GET program usually signs up 70 to 80 percent of its new participants in the last week of enrollment.

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