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Morton's bill to protect members of a homeowners' association passes Senate

Mar 17, 2011

The Senate has approved a measure sponsored by Sen. Bob Morton, R-Kettle Falls, which gives additional protections to members of homeowners' associations.

Senate Bill 5377 updates state law related to homeowners' associations by defining terms, setting dates and ensuring open board meetings.

Specifically, the measure sets an end time for developer control of homeowners' associations board of directors and provides for a smooth transition to member-control. In addition, the bill requires board meetings to be held at a reasonable time and at a reasonable location to ensure homeowners are able to attend.

Members of the Nine Mile Ranch Homeowners' Association testified in favor of Morton's bill during a public hearing before the Senate Financial Institutions, Housing and Insurance Committee on Feb. 1.

"The need for this legislation was brought to me by constituents from Oroville," Morton said. "They made the trip to Olympia to testify because the issue is so important to them."

SB 5377 is now before the House of Representatives for consideration.

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