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New legislation requires quarterly taxpayers to file and pay electronically

Apr 12, 2011

Businesses that file their state excise tax returns quarterly must both file and pay electronically due to new legislation effective July 23.

Currently, more than half of the state's quarterly filers voluntarily use E-file, the Department of Revenue's online filing tool. Engrossed House Bill 1357 requires electronic filing and payment by all quarterly filers. They will join the state's monthly taxpayers who were legislatively required to electronically file and pay back in 2009.

Taxpayers with extenuating circumstances (e.g., no computer, no internet access) may request a waiver. They must send a written explanation to the Electronic Filing and Payment Team, Department of Revenue, PO Box 47476, Olympia, WA 98504-7476.

Department Director Suzan DelBene said the Department requested this legislation as a way to save money for the state and for taxpayers.

"E-file improves the efficiency of state government by reducing paper handling. It also helps businesses avoid mistakes that can lead to costly penalties," DelBene said.
"In addition, this tool provides taxpayers with 24/7 access to their returns, automatic error checking, several electronic payment options, and instantaneous delivery of the return with confirmation."

To ease this transition for taxpayers, the Department has made information available at One link, Screens of My account and E-file, allows taxpayers to preview the registration and E-file process before they login.

The Department will notify affected businesses in mid-May. Paper filers will receive letters while those who currently E-file will receive secure messages electronically.

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