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Permit Renewals Considered for Recreation Events & Guided Activities

Feb 26, 2018

As an agency that cares for the land and serves people, connecting individuals with our public lands is an essential part of fulfilling the Forest Service mission.  Outfitting and guiding helps by connecting people who are capable and willing to share their knowledge, skill, and equipment with people desiring their services. 

The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest is proposing issuance of several special use permits for recreation events or outfitter-guide activities on national forest lands in Okanogan and Chelan Counties.  The permits would provide expertise, training and access to a wide variety of non-Wilderness activities on National Forest lands.  Some examples of activities include: hiking, trail running, biking, horseback rides, stock pack trips, overnight camping, guided fishing, wagon rides, rock and alpine climbing, backpacking and winter activities such as snowmobile rides, a temporary warming hut, ski instruction, races, guided ice climbing and avalanche awareness training.

“Opportunities for recreational events and outfitting and guiding are important, both to the local economies and to those forest visitors seeking experienced guidance as they enjoy their National Forest,” said Mike Liu, Methow Valley District Ranger. 

Outfitters and Guides provide visitors with educational information about their forest as well as access, equipment, services and training specific to a particular recreational endeavor.

The proposed temporary outfitter-guide permits would not exceed six months and allow up to 200 service days each.  Recreation event permits would be for one to five days each for up to 300 people per event.  The activities are not expected to affect threatened or endangered species or their habitat because they would occur on existing roads and trails in areas used by the general public.

To learn more about the proposed permit renewals, please contact Meg Trebon, Interdisciplinary Team Leader at 509-996-4032 or Mike Liu, Methow Valley District Ranger.  Written comments on the project would be most helpful if received by March 16th and can be sent directly to Meg at 24 West Chewuch Road, Winthrop, Washington 98862, or

“I really appreciate the interest that people have in the management of their National Forests,” said Liu.  “Taking the time to call or write about what they would like to see happen on these lands is really valuable in charting the path forward.”


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