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Williams Flats and Lundstrom Butte Fires Update 8-6

Aug 06, 2019

Williams Flats Fire

Acreage: 16,781

Containment: 20%

Current Fire Information: The Williams Flats Fire is burning on the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation and Washington Department of Natural Resources protected lands.  The fire has progressed over Whitestone Ridge and into the Three Mile Creek drainage on the northeast flank.  The water scooping planes and large retardant capable aircraft were unable to fly due to heavy smoke and reduced visibility in the area.  Heavy-lift helicopters continued to assist firefighters with water drops.

Today, firefighters will work to reestablish a safe anchor point to begin fireline construction on the northeast flank.  On the west flank, mop-up operations are well underway to secure this containment line.  Containment lines have been constructed to and tied into the Nine Mile Road.  On the northwest flank, firefighters are constructing line with dozers and hand crews. The Structure Protection Group is monitoring for flare-ups at the Goat/Hellgate Ranch. This group is also providing point protection at the Johnny George lookout tower.  A remote spike camp has been established near Sand Creek, closer to the fire to reduce travel time for fire fighters working on the southeast flank.

Challenges firefighters are facing include high temperatures; reduced visibility; steep, rocky terrain; and wildlife dangers such as snakes and bears.

Lundstrom Butte Fire

Acreage: 11  

Containment:  80%

Current Fire Information: Securing of containment lines is complete. Mop-up of hotspots is progressing.


Resources:  Total personnel assigned – 766:  7-type 1 hand crews, 8-type 2 IA hand crews, 6-type 2 hand crews, 5-heavy helicopters, 2- medium helicopters, 1-light helicopter, 19-engines, 11-dozers, 1- masticator, 3 – skidgenes, and 22-water tenders. Additional firefighting resources continue to arrive.

Weather:  A heat advisory is in effect for today.  Temperatures near the Columbia River are expected to reach 100 degrees with humidity in the low teens.  Today will be the hottest day of the week.  The biggest concern to firefighters is the atmospheric conditions which could lead to increased fire activity and allow a large column of smoke to develop. This also means the spread rate and direction of the fire is very unpredictable.

Air Quality:  For the latest information regarding smoke and air quality see

Closures and Evacuations: One residence remains under a Level 2 evacuation.  The Structure Protection Group will continue to monitor the area.  Multiple roads are closed to the public including: Kuehne, Frielander, Refrigerator Canyon, and Canteen Creek Roads.  Closures are in place to provide safety for the firefighters and the public, so please respect those closures.

Helicopters are dipping and fire boss planes are scooping from nearby Lake Roosevelt for suppression efforts and need space to work. The public is also asked to avoid these aircraft activities on the water.  The area is being patroled by the the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation Law Enforcement.

A temporary flight restriction of 10 miles surrounds the Williams Flats and Lundstrom Butte Fires.  This will allow the large aircraft to safely manuever when dropping retardant. Please refer to the Notice to Airmen before flying near the area.  Drone flying near the fire is not safe. Fire managers will suspend aerial firefighting until the unauthorized aircraft leaves the area allowing the fire to grow larger.


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