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USFW Supervisor Forced to Remind Employees That Human Safety Comes First

Aug 29, 2018
In the wake of a July 12th incident in Okanogan County where a 25-year-old Forest Service employee was treed by wolves, and…

Studded tire deadline extended one week

Mar 27, 2011
The studded tire deadline has been extended one week. Drivers must now remove their studded tires by the end of the day…

Wear It. Rock It. Give It.

Mar 24, 2011
Donate your used prom dresses now until Saturday, April 2nd. A collection drop box for the used prom dresses is located…

Cougar-hunting bill still faces House opposition

By Associated Press
Mar 24, 2011
A House lawmaker is leading a renewed effort to stop a Senate measure that would extend a pilot program that allows the…

Okanogan County is seeking federal funds for Emergency Food and Shelter Programs in the area.

Mar 18, 2011
Okanogan County Community Action Council announced that our County has, in the past been awarded grant funds to…

School District Get's Donation for Reader Board

Mar 16, 2011
On Wednesday, the Okanogan School District was notified they had received a donation of $13,154 to be used for the…